Fine Dine Menu

We are committed to serving you nothing but the most delicious delicacies Vegetarian cuisine has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Come on over


Black Current Margherita
A chilled & spicy drink with crushed ice & black current topped with tobacco.
Virgin Mojito
This refreshing mocktail combines fresh limes, mint, sugar & mojito syrup.
Spicy Guava Punch
A little sweet & spicy drink made of macerated guava juice, lemon & black salt topped with tobacco.
Orange Chaska
A Zesty & refreshing orange flavoured drink with an Indian dash of chat masala.
Oreo Cookie Shake
A cool, creamy & chocolaty drink with blend of vanilla ice cream, oreo cookies & chocolate sauce.
Malaidaar Lassi
A creamy yoghurt based drink with an option of being sweet or salted.
Masala Chaas
A refreshing yoghurt based drink whisked with black salt, green chilies & cumin powder.
Soda Shikanji
A refreshing lemon drink with black salt.
Barmen Spl Pitcher


Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba
Tomato soup with a hint of coriander, seasoned with cumin & Indian spices
Lemon Corriander Soup
Thick Vegetable soup scented with lemon & corrainder.
Sweet Corn Soup
Soft sweet corn mash in a steaming broth.
Manchow Soup
Traditional Chinese soup served with fried noodles.
Veg Clear Soup
Exotic veggies served in a clear vegetable stock.
Tomato & Basil Soup
Traditional Tomato & Basil Soup.
Cream Of Broccoli
Broccoli puree made with cream.
Cream Of Mushroom
Mushroom puree made with cream & topped with thyme.
Burmese Khow Suey
Traditional coconut based Burmese soup. Served with noodles and an array of accompliments.

Appetizers Indian

Malai Paneer Sandwich
Stuffed cottage cheese marinated in creamy malai, barbequed in a clay oven with
Onions & capsicum.
Peri Peri Paneer Tikka
Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in peri peri seasoning, barbequed in a clay oven
With onions & capsicum.
Paneer Hazari Tikka
Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in hung yogurt and topped with onions, ginger,
Chilli & coriander, barbequed in a clay oven with onions & capsicum
Makai Sheekh Kebab
Minced corn & vegetables with spices made in tandoor on skewers.
Galouti Kebab
Aromatic melt-in-your mouth kebabs served on a shirmal, an Awadhi speciality.
Karara Hara Bhara Cheese Kebab
A mixture of spinach & green peas stuffed with yoghurt & cheese. Shaped into Patties & crumb fried.
Dahi Ke Kebab
Hung yogurt blended with gram flour & spices, Crafted into kebabs & fried golden.
Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom
Marinated stuffed giant mushrooms, cooked in tandoor & drizzled with kebab masala.
Malai Broccoli
Fresh broccoli florets, marinated in fresh cream & cheese with a tinge of black pepper
Bharwaan Aloo
Potato cylinders marinated in Indian spices & stuffed with vegetables & cheese
Tilly Baby Corn
Baby corn marinated with Kashmiri spices & deep fried.
Veg Kebab Platter
Get yourself a mini food festival of kebabs in different shapes, sizes, taste & texture.


Garlic Bread (Plain/Cheese/Chilly Cheese)
Garlic roasted French loaf
Tomato & Basil Bruschetta
Classic olive oil tossed tomato & basil on a roasted garlic French loaf.
Santafe Spring Rolls
Finely chopped Spinach, olives & cheese rolled in a wanton sheet
Served with sour cream & salsa.
Mac & Cheese Ball
Classic macaroni & cheese, crumb with panko & deep fried, served with
Spicy chilly mayonnaise.
Big Nachos
The all time Mexican favourite topped with refried beans, salsa, sour cream
And cheese sauce. Served the Jalpaan way.
Arabic Falafel
Served with Hummus & Pita Bread Jalpaan style.
Cottage Cheese Slider
Circular cottage cheese layered with quinoa patties, tomato, lettuce &
Hung curd. Stacked up with a skewer.
Potato Loaded Skins
Roasted potato shells loaded with basil, corn & cheese topped with sour cream.
Served on a bed of chipotle mayo.

Continental Mains Pizzas

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, olive oil & fresh basil.
Garden Fresh
Tomato sauce, bell peppers, onions, olives & mozzarella.
Basil Pesto
Pesto Sauce, bell peppers, red onions, tomato, olives & mozzarella.
Tandoori Paneer Tikka
Tandoori Cottage cheese, onion, jalapeno, bell peppers & mozzarella.

Simply Desi

Paneer Khurchan
Cottage cheese sauté with tomato, capsicum & tempered with mustard.
Paneer Tikka Lababdar
Shaslik of cottage cheese cooked in makhani gravy.
Paneer Loung Latta
Stuffed cottage cheese and cloves cooked in creamy cashewnut gravy.
Palak Paneer
Cottage cheese cooked in a thick gravy of pureed spinach.
Paneer Jalfrezi
Sliced cottage cheese & bell peppers cooked in onion tomato gravy.
Palak Kashmiri Kofta
Cashewnut & raisins stuffed in spinach dumplings and marinated in rich & creamy white gravy.
Veg Cheese Kofta
Vegetable & cheese stuffed dumplings cooked in cashewnut gravy.
Nargisi Kofta
Saffron eyes vegetable dumplings cooked in an onion tomato gravy with Spices & herbs.
Sarso Ka Saag
The evergreen mustard leaf delicacy served with makai ki roti, gud, ghee White butter & Butter milk.
Nizami Handi
Vegetables & spinach cooked with Indian spices & finished with cream.
Kadhai Veg
Semi-dry preparation of mixed vegetables.
Masaledar Tawa Subzi
Tossed spring vegetables cooked with fiery spices & herbs.
Corn Palak Lasooni
Goodness of American corn combines with creamy spinach & flavoured with garlic.
Methi Mutter Malai
Fresh green peas & fenugreek leaves cooked in creamy gravy.
Dum Aloo Banarsi
Baby potatoes cooked in fennel, curd & tamarind gravy.
Kadhai Mushroom
Mushroom & bell peppers cooked in kadhai gravy topped with julienne
Ginger & coriander.
Aloo Gobi Adraki
Potato & cauliflower florets tossed in onion gravy & Indian spices.
Amchoori Bhindi
Ladyfinger tossed with onion & tomato in amchoor powder.


Litchi Ki Tehri
A Jalpaan special.
Bharwaan Gulab Jamun
The classic Indian dessert infused with chocolate sauce.
The All Time favourite malai kulfi. Served with rose syrup.
Bulls Eye
Chocolate filled double layered pastry with a scoop of vanilla Ice cream on top. Topped with chocolate sauce.
Jalpaan Special Triple Sundae
3 Scoops of ice cream topped with jelly, chocochip, varieties of Sauces and wafers.
Freid Ice Cream
Crisp breaded scoops of ice cream served on a sugar crisp and topped with caramel sauce.
Cinnemon Churros
A classic Spanish dessert. Fried dough pastry tossed in cinnamon & caster sugar. Served with Nutella.
Sizzling Brownie With Vanilla Ice Cream
Brownie served in a hot plate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.
Choice Of Ice Cream
Ask your steward for the availability of the flavoured ice cream.

Papad & Munchies

Roasted Papad
Masala Papad
Roomali Papad (Masala/Cheese/Garlic cheese)
French Fries (Plain/Masala)
Potato Wedges (Plain/Masala)

Soft & Fizzy

Bottled Water
Aerated Water
Fresh Lime Soda (Sweet/Salt)
Canned Juice
Diet Coke
Red Bull


Garden Fresh Salad
All time favourite greens
Litchi & Walnut Salad
Chopped litchi & walnuts tossed in mayonnaise and topped with seasoning.
Classic Caesar Salad
Crispy lettuce tossed in our signature Caesar dressing, served with parmesan shavings & focaccia croutes

Chaat & Chat

All time favourite served Jalpaan style
Karara Palak Chaat
Crispy fried spinach laced with chutneys, sweet curd & spices


The Original
The classic swiss favourite. Three cheese sauce served with our grilled
Croutons & skin on potato wedges. And the tradition is: The one who drops the
Bread or wedges in the cheese, pays the bill!!! Interesting, isn’t it?
Fondue Margherita
Classic cheese fondue with mixed Italian herbs, ground sundried tomatoes & pesto
Served with grilled focaccia croutons, skin on potato wedges, broccoli, cauliflower,
Zucchini, mushrooms & peas tossed with Italian herbs.


Veg Steak Sizzler
Grilled Vegetable patty on top of herb rice, with sauté vegetables and potato wedges.
Served with bechamel bell pepper sauce.
Mangolian Hotch Potch Sizzler
Silken cottage cheese served with mangolian noodles in spicy mangolian sauce.
Bhatti Da Sizzler
Charcoaled cottage cheese, potato, broccoli & baby corn served in a marination
Of Punjabi Bhunna masala.


Vegetable Dimsums
Finely chopped vegetables stuffed in a parcel, steamed to perfection.
Hong Kong Special Wantons
Minced vegetables enveloped in wanton sheet and deep fried.
Kurkure Corn Kernel
Batter fried corn kernels tossed in salt, chilly & peppercorn.
Veg Manchurian
Crispy fried dumplings wok tossed in Manchurian sauce.
Veg Spring Roll
Shredded mixed vegetables rolled in a wanton sheet & deep fried.
Shanghai Roll
Crispy fried rolls stuffed with hot sauce tossed minced vegetables.
Lemon Grass Lollipop
Lemon grass and vegetables minced together as lollipops.
Served with hot garlic sauce.
Thai Chilly Lotus Stem
Crispy fried lotus stem tossed in spicy Thai chilli sauce.
Mushroom Salt & Pepper
Crispy fried mushrooms tossed in salt, peppercorn & coriander.
Paneer/Baby corn/Potato
Paneer/Baby corn/Potato

Chinese Mains

Chinese Chopsuey
Deep fried noodles served with Chinese mild sauce.
American Chopsuey
Shredded vegetables cooked in sweet & sour sauce, served on a
Bed of crispy fried noodles.
Thai Red / Green Curry
Oriental veggies tossed in Thai coconut gravy. Served with steamed rice.
(Soft / Burnt Garlic / Szechuan)
Fried Rice
(Vegetable / Burnt Garlic / Szechuan)
Exotic Veg Szechuan Sauce
Exotic Asian veg in hot szechuan gravy.
Hot Garlic Sauce
Stir fried veggies in red chilli garlic based gravy.
Mix Veg In Chilli Soy Sauce
Farm fresh vegetables tossed in hot soy sauce.

Pastas & Risotto
Choice of Pasta (Penne / Fussili / Spaghetti)

Creamy bechamel sauce with parmesan & mixed veggies.
Italian Pelati plum tomatoes, garlic & chillies with parmesan.
Aglio Olio
Garlic, olive oil, basil, parsley & chilli flakes with parmesan.
A unique combination of Italian pelati plum tomatoes & cream sauce.
Basil Pesto
Pesto sauce, mozzarella, bell peppers, sundried tomatoes & jalapenos.
Risotto Funghi
Arborio rice cooked with creamy mushroom, thyme & parmesan.
Vegetable Au-Gratin
Creamy exotic vegetables baked with bechamel sauce and parmesan.


Dal Tadka
Yellow dal tempered twice with onion, garlic, dry chilli & spices.
Dal Palak
Yellow dal & spinach cooked with onion, garlic, dry chilli & spices.
Dal Jalpaan
Black Lentils cooked overnight & simmered with tomatoes, ginger, garlic Cream & butter on hot embers. Served hot with a dollop of white butter.

Rotiyon ki Farmaish

Roti (Plain / Butter / Missi)
Naan (Plain / Butter / Garlic)
Cheese Garlic Pesto Naan
Kulcha (Plain / Masala)
Paratha (Lachha / Pudhina)
Mughlai Paratha
Roti Ki Tokri
Roomali Roti (Plain / Palak)

Mutthi Bhar Chawal

Potli Biryani
Mixed vegetable biryani cooked in a new avatar.
Hyderabadi Dum Biryani
The classic hyderabadi biryani.
Pudhina Paneer Biryani
Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in spices & cooked in a mint flavoured biryani.
Sizzling Dum Aloo Makai Biryani
Marinated baby potatoes & American corn biryani cooked with Herbs & spices. Served with raitha.
Sizzling Paneer Makhani Biryani
Basmati rice & paneer tossed in creamy makhani gravy on a sizzling plate. Served with raitha.
Dal Palak Khichdi
Combination of spinach & basmathi rice tempered with fiery spices.
Bissibele Bath
All time local favourite.
Jeera Rice
Basmathi rice cooked with cumin seeds & ghee.
Curd Rice
Safedh Chawal

Cool Raitha

Varities Of Raitha (Boondi/Mix/Aloo/Pineapple)
Burrani Raitha
Simply Curd

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