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With a neat layout, and a mellow environment for the average food enthusiast, Jalpaan's Restaurant comes with a wide variety of options, hoping to satisfy the heart of every customer that walks through our doors.
With everything from delicious food, to serving it warm, live cooking, to neatly plated food, there’s not a single thing to worry about when it's Jalpaan!
Private Dining Rooms

Prefer peace and quiet for private conversations and an enchanting dining experience? We welcome you to our Private Dining Rooms, made for those of you that enjoy quiet as much as you do the food.


Food is not food if it doesn't have a personal touch. So come over for the buffet and pick whatever you like, and relish it till your heart is satisfied.


A Small Celebration, A Family Evening, A First Date, all have one thing in common. The each need a classy setting, comfortable seating, a quiet environment and delicious food and Jalpaan Restaurant happens to offer exactly what you need, with food that will leave you at a loss for words.

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